SciFi Book Review: The Rise of Nine

The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore

John Smith, Number Four, is hiding out and recuperating with Number Nine after they broker him out of the Mogdorian holding facility. Meanwhile, Number Six, Seven, and a tenth member of the Lorien Garde and her protector travel to India because of rumors of a god-like being with powers similar to theirs. But as they try to find the remaining Garde and join forces, the Mogdorian are hunting them down as well.

This is the third installment in the Lorien Legacies series. With the excitement and suspense intensified, the remaining Lorien Garde that were spread across the globe are getting ready for a showdown with the Mogdorian leader. And as if the Mogdorians weren’t strong and conniving enough, now they have convinced the US military to join forces with them to bring down the alien teens. This latest release is just as fast-paced and action-packed as before. But with a few more twists and surprises, the suspense seems to have amped up a bit. I’m still enjoying this young adult scifi series and look forward to an eventual climactic finale.

A bit of a spoiler: Though the last installment introduced three new Lorien Gardes, only one more is found in The Rise of Nine. So, after a process of elimination, there is still one remaining Lorien (Number Five) yet to be found in a future installment.

The Rise of Nine releases from Harper Teen on August 21, 2012.

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  1. the book was freaking amazing just to say and how many books are going to be in the series. Like i heard there is going to be 6 books int the Lorien Legacies and i dont think that’s true

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