SciFi Book Review: The Society of Steam: Power Under Pressure

The Society of Steam: Power Under Pressure by Andrew P. Mayer

The Society of Paragons is gone—destroyed from within by traitors and enemies. With the death of The Industrialist and the rebirth of the Iron-Clad as a monstrous half-human creature known as “The Shell,” Lord Eschaton now has almost everything he needs to cover the world in fortified smoke and rebuild it in his image—everything except for the mechanical heart of the Automaton.

The device is nearer than he knows. Just across the East River, hiding in a Brooklyn Junkyard, Sarah Stanton is trying to come to restore the mechanical man to life. But before she can rebuild her friend, she must first discover the indomitable power of her own heart and save herself. Only then will she be able to forge a ragtag group of repentant villains, damaged Paragons, and love-mad geniuses into the team of heroes known as “The Society of Steam.”

Sarah has been staying with Emilio and his sister Viola while Emilio rebuilds the Automaton. As Sarah and Emilio grow closer, Viola’s heart turns darker after the events in the last book have left her scarred physically and emotionally. Meanwhile Anubis goes through his own transformation in regards to his hero persona. And Nathaniel makes the biggest change of all.

This is the final installment in The Society of Steam trilogy. The character development has been the highlight of this trilogy for me. Action-packed and full of suspense, this steampunk adventure is an exciting and satisfying conclusion to the Lord Eschaton plot. Yet there is plenty left untold or open-ended, leaving room for future possible stories for the Society of Steam.

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  1. I’m reading this right now, and so far, so good! Eschaton is too big for his own britches, as they say. And Emilio’s gotta bring Tom back to life, or Sarah just won’t ‘feel’ it…know what I mean?

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