SciFi Book Review: The Vindico

The Vindico by Wesley King

Five teens are abducted by the supervillain team known as The Vindico, and are chosen to be the future of the group. The Vindico have been the long-time nemeses of the League of Heroes; and each Vindico member has their own reason for hating them and wanting revenge. But the teens may not be as easy to sway as the supervillains believe. Tempted by new superpowers and each trained by a skilled and dangerous villain, the teens will be forced to make extremely difficult decisions that will impact not only their lives but those around them.

James was recently dumped by his girlfriend who had been cheating on him with his best friend. Hayden has been living on his own, abandoned by his family. Lana’s father has been lying to their family. Emily is already a genius hacker who only has her grandfather to rely upon. And Sam seems to be from a stable, loving home, but the Vindico even put doubts in his mind about how much they really miss him. The Vindico do a great job of breaking the teens down and making them question their home lives. But these teens, while not always making the wisest decisions, have good hearts and loyal natures.

Super hero and comic book fans of all ages should enjoy this fast-paced, action-packed adventure. The villains and heroes are not always black and white. And it’s not always obvious what the right path should be. This coming-of-age tale is full of teen angst, humor, and suspense. The Vindico is a fantastic young adult debut told from various character point-of-views, giving more depth to the characters and unique perspectives. This incredibly fun story was impossible to put down. It’s a wholly standalone novel, but would make for an exciting series.

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