SciFi Blu-Ray Reviews: Frequency and Outland

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Frequency Blu-ray Edition

Official Synopsis:
A phenomenon allows police officer John Sullivan (Jim Caviezel) to save the life of his long-dead father (Dennis Quaid). But changing the past leads to a string of brutal, serial homicides. Now, they both must race across time to stop the killer.

Caviezel and Quaid star in this fantastic 2000 scifi flick. The story is unique and inspired. John Sullivan (Jim Caviezel) begins to communicate with his deceased father (Dennis Quaid) in the past via an old radio as the northern lights seem to be affecting the instrument. But as Caviezel begins sharing with his father, the past begins to change. And a serial killer that was once stopped is now on the loose again. Full of heart-wrenching drama, suspense, and danger – this is a must for any scifi fan’s movie library. I previously owned the DVD, and the blu-ray edition is quite a bit clearer and sharper.

Outland Blu-ray Edition

Official Synopsis:
A federal marshal on an outer-space mining colony uncovers deadly secrets, triggering a showdown. Oscar(R) winner Sean Connery lays down the law in Peter Hyams’ sci-fi sizzler.

This 1981 scifi thriller is obviously outdated with its early 80’s technology and cheesy special effects. But the story and drama is still intense and suspenseful. Connery plays a marshal new to the mining colony where he’s completely on his own against a powerful and corrupt corporation. Despite the story lags and slow start (with way too much reading about the details of the colony), this was still a fun and exciting film that fans of retro scifi will enjoy now on blu-ray.

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