SciFi Book Review: Captain Marvel: Higher, Further, Faster

Captain Marvel: Higher, Further, Faster by Liza Palmer

Carol Danvers kicks off her U.S. Air Force career with her first year at flight school, where she’ll be tested in ways she never thought possible-and make a lifelong friend, Maria Rambeau, in the process-in this atmospheric and exciting prelude to the upcoming Marvel Studios’ film, Captain Marvel!

Carol’s dream is to be a fighter pilot. When she meets Maria Rambeau, she finds a kindred spirit. But the two will have obstacles, not only from their peers, but from chauvinist superiors as well.

Higher, Further, Faster is the story of Carol’s time in Air Force training. It’s marketed for young adults, but it’s appropriate for all ages. Carol hasn’t received her powers yet; so it’s a pre-origin story. But I thoroughly enjoyed this look at her early life and struggles to make her dream come true. The story is more dramatic than adventurous; but it’s a nice intro to the characters of Carol and Maria. This was a fun, standalone novel to tide me over until the new movie release.

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