SciFi Book Review: Captain Marvel: Starforce on the Rise

Captain Marvel: Starforce on the Rise by Steve Behling

Before Carol Danvers was Captain Marvel, she was Vers, a key member of the elite Kree Starforce warriors who wage their war against the equally formidable Skrull aliens. This middle-grade novel will focus on key adventure of Vers during her time with Starforce, setting up the perfect entry point for readers to Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in spring 2019.

Vers (Carol Danvers) is a Kree Starforce warrior along with Minn-Erva. The two women have very different personalities, and Vers’ bold nature makes it hard for Minn-Erva to relate. But after several missions together, Minn-Erva begins to respect her colleague. And a dangerous mission to gather plans on a secret weapon will test everyone’s resolve.

Starforce on the Rise is a fast-paced middle grade novel that introduces the Kree Starforce to young Marvel fans. This exciting story is told mostly from Minn-Erva’s perspective, which is nice as we’ll see her in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie as well. The Starforce missions are exciting and suspenseful. I only wish the novel was a bit longer and involved more of the Starforce members. But this was a fun and engaging quick read for fans of all ages. This would make for a great series of Starforce adventures – getting to know the Skrull and more of the Nova Corp along the way.

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