SciFi Book Review: Children of Refuge

Children of Refuge by Margaret Peterson Haddix

It’s been barely a day since Edwy left Fredtown to be with his parents and, already, he is being sent away. He’s smuggled off to boarding school in Refuge City, where he will be with his brother and sister, who don’t even like him very much. The boarding school is nothing like the school that he knew, there’s no one around looking up to him now, and he’s still not allowed to ask questions!

Alone and confused, Edwy seeks out other children brought back from Fredtown and soon discovers that Rosi and the others—still stuck in the Cursed Town—might be in danger. Can Edwy find his way back to his friends before it’s too late?

While Rosi was trying to escape their home city, Edwy is taken to Refuge City to live and study with his brother and sister. Refuge City is a lot different from Fredtown and the town where his parents live. But his siblings still wont answer Edwy’s questions about what’s going on. And worst of all, Edwy has no idea what has happened to Rosi.

Children of Refuge is the second installment in the Children of Exile series. The first novel was told in Rosi’s voice, but this second is told from Edwys’ point of view. Edwy was the trouble maker of Fredtown, but when faced with moral dilemmas, he still falls back on what he was taught from the Freds – and the difference of right versus wrong. Edwys turns out to be a more likable and relatable boy than I thought he would. While he has a bit of a rebellious streak (at least when it came to the Freds), he still wants to do what’s right and has a strong sense of loyalty. This sequel is another fast-paced, suspenseful read. We learn a bit more about what happened in the past. And the pulse-pounding finale doesn’t disappoint. The next in the series can’t come soon enough.

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