’s 8th Anniversary!

It’s been 8 years since I’ve started! I’ve read thousands and reviewed over 700 books. My hobby became a passion – one that I’m glad to share with others!

Thanks to all my readers and visitors!
And thanks to the various publishers, authors, and media contacts who continue to send books and movies for review. You people feed my addiction!

Thanks for another great year!

13 thoughts on “’s 8th Anniversary!”

  1. Wow, you too eh? Doesn’t seem possible it could be that long, does it? And then sometimes I look back and it seems like we’ve been doing this for much, much longer. Congratulations and stick with it!

  2. Carl – It doesn’t! Then I think about all the books we’ve read… and the hundreds of reviews… and then, yes, I can’t believe it hasn’t been longer! Thanks!

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