Sharktopus Sneak Peek Clips

The Syfy original movie Sharktopus premiers this Saturday, September 25th at 9/8c.

In Sharktopus, Roberts (The Expendables/The Dark Knight) plays a research scientist who, with his talented daughter (Sara Malakul Lane/Belly of the Beast), develops a secret military weapon — a hybrid shark/octopus that can be controlled by electrical implants. But when the controls break down, the monster goes on a killing rampage at the resort beaches of Mexico.

Clip 1 – “Sharktopus = Shark + Octopus”–shark–octopus/v1250093

Clip 2 – “Sharktopus – Sporkupine”–sporkupine/v1250094

Clip 3 – “Sharktopus – Torpoodle”–torpoodle/v1250022

2 thoughts on “Sharktopus Sneak Peek Clips”

  1. Oh man, that film just looks so bad. So bad. But I may have to watch it to just see how bad it is. Which saddens me. I have to wonder though, when they originally came up with this idea, did they go in thinking they could actually make a scary monster movie, or did they know they were making a horrendous movie. With Syfy you can never tell.

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