Spider-Man 3

Marvel movies continue to surprise. Usually, sequels aren’t quite as good as the originals. But X-Men and Spider-Man have proved this rule wrong. Spider-Man 3 is easily the best of the Spidey film yet. With more bad guys, more turmoil, more love interests, and more action; Spidey grows by leaps and bounds.

Every single actor played their part to perfection. Of the supporting cast, Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy stole every scene that she was in. Thomas Haden Church played a wonderfully complex Sandman/Flint Marko. Topher Grace as Venom/Eddie Brock added much needed humor to an otherwise vicious role. And we get to see multiple sides to Goblin Junior/Harry Osborn, James Franco.

Next to Harry, no one goes through as many changes as Peter Parker. With his mysterious black suit that seems to amplify his aggression, Peter finds himself doing many things that he regrets. So as not to give away any spoilers, I’m not going to go into anymore details about the plot.

I already watched the movie twice last weekend. And I have to say it now takes place among my favorite movies of all time. With amazing CGI, a touching story, and extremely fun fight scenes; Spider-Man 3 has broken box office records in it’s opening weekend.

Way to go Spidey!

7 thoughts on “Spider-Man 3”

  1. I was really disappointed by this one. I thought they tried to do way too much and had too many characters to tell a really good story. That’s not to say that I didn’t ‘like’ the film, just that I didn’t ‘love’ it. Spiderman 2 was, in my opinion only, a far better film and still easily one of the very best comic book films ever made.

    There were too many moments mined for laughs and too many characters that took away from the ones who were most important. They could have easily done this as two films and both would have been perfection. I would have much preferred the story focus on MJ, Harry, and Pete with just one other villain thrown in. The Gwen Stacey storyline was a waste as was the venom one for the most part. They could’ve gotten the same love triangle stuff out of the three mentioned above without the venom angle.

    Special effects were awesome, though, weren’t they? Will it ever stop getting better? Each film seems to up the quality level of effects. It is amazing.

    It is well worth seeing in the theatre, don’t get me wrong, but I left feeling…meh…about the whole experience.

  2. You’re right Angela. It was so AWESOME!!!! It’s definitely one of my favorites. I want to see it again in IMAX.

    I’ll be posting my review later on this week.

  3. I was going to go see it on IMAX, but it’s on the south side of Indy.. and the cost of the movie plus gas prices right now.. I just couldn’t justify it. 🙁

  4. Have to agree with Carl on this one. I thought it was really disappointing. A special effects fest at the cost of the storyline. For me, like most other series, they’ve gotten worse with time. I won’t be going to see Spiderman 4 (if it ever comes out) Still think the original was the best.

  5. I really enjoyed this one too. I did however think that the symbiote amplified Spiderman’s dork side with a little aggression but because Peter is basically good, the aggression was not as bad as Venom’s.

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