Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours

Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours, by Jim Butcher is a full-length novel based on the popular comic book character.

Just as Peter Parker has the added stress of having to help coach the boy’s basketball team, his old nemesis Rhino decides to have a rampage down Times Square. Spidey’s former love Black Cat also shows up to warn Spider-Man that she believes Rhino’s destruction to be a trap. But Spider-Man feels that he has no choice, and comes face-to-face with siblings of Morlun, an adversary from years ago. Morlun’s incredibly powerful siblings (called Ancients) want revenge, and Spidey will have to count on the help of his friends as well as an unlikely alliance to figure out how to stop these Ancients from destroying him and his family.

I had high expectations for this book, as I’m a big fan of Butcher’s Dresden Files. And I wasn’t disappointed. Butcher brings everything a good Spider-Man story needs: from Spidey’s sarcastic humor, his almost constant mortal peril, and the struggle with having to balance his regular life as a high school science teacher and husband. And accompanying Spider-Man in this novel are classic and beloved characters as well as new, lethal foes.

The Darkest Hours is an action-packed, dramatic, and comedic story, as Spidey’s ever present sense of humor always makes the darkest hour seem bright. The characters are complex, the situation dire; and I loved every bit of it. Spider-Man fans, young and old, will enjoy this fun installment.

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