Star Runner Chronicles: Rising Star – Graphic Novel Review

Star Runner Chronicles: Rising Star by James Watson (Author), Claudia Ianniciello (Cover Art), Leo Cordeiro (Contributor)

Having learned the truth about her alien origins, Aurora Palmer dreams of travelling the galaxy. With the help of her friends and Vanguard scientists, she is mastering both her unique abilities and the complex technology of the powerful starship they left behind. However, as the first test launch approaches, troubling visions of the future make Aurora increasingly fearful about what awaits her in the stars.

This is the 3rd installment in the Star Runner Chronicles graphic novel series. Aurora has been training, but still isn’t confident. And she’s given a huge decision when comes to her future, when she finally gets to travel the stars to meet her own people. I only wish they would have stayed longer, so we could see more of the alien culture. I would have liked to see that fleshed out more. And I wished they seemed more “alien.” As it was, they just looked and felt like another human civilization. But maybe there’s a reason for that.

Aurora and her friends also face enemies from this world and another, thanks to a familiar megalomaniac. While parts are a bit repetitive, it’s another fun, exciting story geared towards teenagers. With teen angst (drama and romance), danger, and suspense – Rising Star is a fun, quick read. The artwork is just as impressive and vibrant as before, and fits the feel of the series.

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