Star Runner: Dark Star – Graphic Novel Review

Star Runner Chronicles: Dark Star by James Watson (Author), Claudia Ianniciello (Cover Art), Leo Cordeiro (Contributor)

Having learned the truth behind her alien origins, Aurora Palmer hopes for a normal life with her friends at Madison High. Her friends Scott and Kristine protect her secret, and Vanguard scientists study her alien technology. Unfortunately, her world is turned upside down when a new girl moves into town, stealing Scott’s attention, and frustrating her plans for the future. Suddenly, Aurora senses a dark force hunting her, threatening her world with new and imminent danger! Sequel to the critically-acclaimed Star Runner Chronicles: Fallen Star. This 96-page edition collects the Dark Star series, with with 20 additional pages and exclusive artwork. Artwork by Leo Cordeiro, Carlos Eduardo, Mohan Sivakami, and Wilson Ramos, Jr. Cover art by Claudia Ianniciello of Magnus Arts. Additional artwork by Nahuel Lopez.

The first installment in the Star Runner Chronicles introduced Aurora and her friends. And the danger came from here on Earth. This time, a new girl has powerful powers that rival her own. With a bit of teen angst, mystery, and a lot of suspense – this sequel is a whole lot of fun. We get a bit more of the backstory of Aurora’s people and why these new aliens are here. I thoroughly enjoyed this engaging story with fantastic artwork that adds to the tone and pacing. I look forward to more in this exciting and fresh series.

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