Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night

Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night, by David Mack, is the first in an all new trilogy.

Gods of Night follows four captains and their crew: Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise, William Riker of the USS Titan, Ezri Dax of the USS Aventine, and Erika Hernandez of the Columbia NX-02. In the year 2381, the Borg have waged war on the Federation. And this time, their goal is not assimilation but annihilation. Meanwhile, the USS Aventine is investigating a centuries-old mystery – the Columbia NX-02 went missing in 2156 and has been discovered, seemingly abandoned on a remote, uninhabited world.

With flashbacks between the various ships, not to mention centuries, readers must pay attention or find themselves easily confused. But to help with the large number of main characters, there is a handy appendix in the back of the book, which lists the different crew members of each ship, as well as their species.

Every story that involves the Borg has been suspenseful and intense, and this one is no exception. Everything that the Federation knows about the Borg is now irrelevant. For reasons unbeknownst to anyone outside the collective, the Borg have changed their entire directive as well as other facets which had at least made them somewhat predictable. And Captain Picard’s reaction to the Borg invasion is equally as unpredictable, reminiscent of the movie First Contact. With the main cast of The Next Generation, save Data (see Nemesis), either on the Enterprise or Titan, the crew retains their same great qualities and personalities that made them a personal favorite.

Gods of Night contains everything great about Star Trek – advanced technology, intrigue, drama, relationships, danger, action, mystery, aliens, time travel, and blowing stuff up. Ending in a mild cliffhanger, readers will want to pick up the next, Mere Mortals, as soon as possible. With an exciting story, wonderful characters, and insurmountable odds to overcome, this is a trilogy no Trek fan will want to miss.

Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night releases September 30th.

7 thoughts on “Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night”

  1. David Mack is one of my favorite (and IMHO perhaps the most gripping) author of Trek today. I am eagerly awaiting the release of this book and fully expect for it to take Trek literatire in a new and exciting direction.

    Were it anyone other than David Mack, I’d be skeptical of such expectations, but he has yet to disappoint me.


    Henry Lopez

  2. I Hadn’t bought a Star Trek book in 10 years as I felt that they just started becoming disposable. For some reason my “gut ” instinct told me to buy this one.

    I enjoyed it thoroughly and it reminded me of the early pocket books that I so much loved.

    Most interesting was David Mack’s take on an advanced society and it’s ethics/surroundings/environment, the oneness of art-science, and his knowledge about experiential education as mentioned by “inside voices”.

    Basically everything that I’ve always loved about Star Trek when it is at it’s best.

    Thank You David Mack

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