Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls

Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls, by David Mack, is 3rd in the Destiny series.

An unstoppable fleet of Borg have begun their invasion. Entire worlds will perish. The entire Federation may be wiped out. Captain Hernadez has a risky plan. With their options limited, their only hope may hinge upon a race who has sworn to never interfere.

With events from the two previous books culminating to disastrous outcomes, Lost Souls wraps up open ended questions with an incredible revelation. With the situation as bad as it could possibly get, the four captains (Picard, Riker, Dax, and Hernadez) must team up together to discover a way to stop the Borg once and for all. With time running out for Earth and all of the worlds of the Federation, the suspense and intensity spikes.

This is by far the best book in the trilogy. Taking the reader through a wide range of emotions, Mack has wrapped up the Destiny trilogy in an amazing web of storylines that connect in an unpredictable way. Lost Souls has become one of my favorite Star Trek novels, with a shocking ending that will affect the entire Trek universe. Trek fans must read this fantastic trilogy.

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