5 thoughts on “Star Trek Movie Images”

  1. Too fun! I can’t wait until the movie comes out. I hope that its wonderful, it has to be better than the first Star Trek movie…I usually fall asleep during that one.

  2. I CANNOT wait for this movie. Very excited for it. JJ seems to have gone out of his way to talk to people who are hardcore fans of Trek and see if works with them. He even put James Cawley (he plays Kirk in the fan made Star Trek New Frontier and Phase 2 fan episodes) in the film in a little cameo, and Cawley was a very vocal critic about the reboot.

  3. Is that Harold, of Harold and Kumar fame, playing Sulu back there in the sixth picture down? I’d like it if Sulu turns to Kirk and says, “Dude?”

    And I’ll be curious to see if they bring something new to the storyline or if it will be just a rehash. JJ Abrams is directing this. He’s partly responsible for writing “Gone Fishing”, the only movie I ever walked out on (because it was horrible). But at least he’s working with tested material this time.

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