Star Trek on Heroes

Does anyone else feel like Heroes is slowly turning into a who’s-who of former Star Trek actors? First George Takei, now Nichelle Nichols and Dominic Keating. Not that I’m complaining. I’ve enjoyed their cameos. In fact, I wish Keating’s was longer.

Actors on science fiction shows shouldn’t be too afraid of being typecast. There’s always another scifi show around the bend, and the fans will always support.

7 thoughts on “Star Trek on Heroes”

  1. LOL My husband and I said the same thing last night. But I think it’s kind of fun too. It’s nice to see them outside of the ST universe playing a different character. It’s one of the reasons I loved Walter Koenig on Babylon 5.

  2. I wonder if they are throwing in these cameos because they realize that the magic is slipping through their fingers…or is it just me…?

    Starting with the finale for S1 and continuing straight through last night’s episode, I am finding the show dull and plodding. Its a shame, I thought nearly all of S1 was brilliant.

  3. I’m kind of disapointed that they aren’t coming up with more unique gifts. Instead, they’re using flight and healing ability over again on a couple of the new characters.
    I don’t find the show dull at all, but I do wish they’d make some major changes in the characters… as in, kill them off and bring in some fresh blood. How the world are they going to be able to afford to pay all the actors they have on staff if they just keep adding and don’t take away?

  4. I am finally going to watch Heroes! I have heard of it, of course, but I missed the first few episodes and decided I was going to wait and watch it from the beginning. Well, I must have voiced that aloud because my DH bought me the first season for my birthday. Now, I will always be a season behind, but I do finally get to watch it! There are probably a lot of shows that I would like, but I do not really watch tv.

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