Star Trek Scene It? Giveaway!

Screenlife Games, creator of Scene It?, the number one DVD game, announced the release of Scene It? Star Trek Deluxe Edition. Featuring trivia questions, on-screen puzzlers and real clips from their favorite live-action TV series and movies, the game will challenge and entertain everyone from casual “Star Trek” viewers to the most die-hard fan.

Players boldly go where no one has gone before, as they race around the Flextime® board and test their knowledge of everything from Troublesome Tribbles to Borg Queen factoids. Ideal for parties and gatherings with friends, relatives or favorite Klingons, Scene It? Star Trek Deluxe Edition features Screenlife Games’ patented Optreve® randomization technology, which ensures fresh content after multiple plays, and allows the games to play like no other. Scene It? Star Trek Deluxe Edition is a licensed product from CBS Consumer Products.

For the first time ever, Screenlife Games has created two signature embossed Deluxe Edition collector’s tins for Scene It? Star Trek, including a Captains box, and a limited edition Ships version. All Scene It? Deluxe Edition games contain more content than standard editions and all feature signature embossed collector’s tins. The perfect gift for yourself or anyone you know, for any occasion, the games can be found online and at fine retailers around the world. Please visit for a full list of Scene It? Deluxe Edition games and retailers.

Courtesy of Screenlife Games and Sideways Media, one lucky winner will receive Star Trek Scene It? (the Deluxe Edition)!

Contest is open to U.S. residents only. To enter, post a Star Trek trivia question below. Winner will be chosen from the most creative questions. Multiple entries are allowed. Please, no duplicate questions.
Contest ends July 31. Winner will be chosen on August 1, and notify winners via email.

Good luck!

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  1. What well known science fiction author is suing Paramount Studios for merchandising, publishing, or any other exploitations, of the famous teleplay more than 40 years after it’s airing during the TOS run?

  2. What was Spock’s Mother, Amanda Greyson, home planet and profession before Spock was born?

  3. What is the name of the purring ball of fluff that is born pregnant, and the more it eats, the more it multiplies?

    For a bonus point, what was the name of the space trader who originally gave the “creature” to Uhura?

  4. Kara, the leader of the Eymorgs, steals Spock’s brain for use in a computer. What was Spock’s brain used to administer for their planet?

  5. What did the mobile-emitter look like in the the holo-novel written by The Doctor aboard Voyager?

  6. In “All Good Things . . .” what is the star date when Picard first realizes he is changing time-periods?

  7. In the episode “Q Who?” which character accidentally spilled hot chocolate on Captain Picard?

  8. Captain Kirk kissed someone and this caused quit a stir. Who did he kiss and why did it make history?

  9. What breed is Captain Archer’s dog, Porthos? I don’t know about “creative” My daughter in law is the Star Trek fan and goes yearly to the Star Trek Convention in Denver. This would be for her since she would LOVE to have this game and I’d love to give it to her…….maybe for Christmas?

  10. What was the year of the wine given to Jean Luc by his brother Robert in the Star Trek TNG Episode “Family”?

  11. What rule of Starship building laid down by Gene Roddenberry was broken in the final episodes of Star Trek:TNG.

  12. Frequent “Next Generation,” “Deep Space 9” and “Voyager” guest star John de Lancie (“Q”) starred from 1982 to 1986 on a popular daytime soap opera. Which one?

  13. What role does Majel Barrett, wife of “Star Trek” creator, Gene Roddenberry, play in J.J. Abrams’ 2009 version of the Enterprise?

  14. Two visiting female characters on TOS wore some very powerful items. One wore a piece of jewelry, the other a flowing piece of clothing. What were the names of the characters and what was the surprise factor of each item they wore?

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