Star Trek: The Next Generation: Q&A

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Q&A, by Keith R. A. DeCandido

The omnipotent being called “Q” has been testing and meddling with the Enterprise and her crew since their first mission. When Q shows up again while the Enterprise is investigating the planet Gorsach, the Captain Picard tells the crew to simply ignore Q. But Q is there to tell them that the end of the whole universe is approaching. And that they’re the cause.

Bouncing back and forth between post-Nemesis timeframe and different times amongst the Q Continuum began a bit confusingly. But we soon discover that the scenes with the Q are instances just before each time Q visits the Enterprise, starting with Encounter at Farpoint and leading up to the “present day.”

The majority of the novel is a lot of build up to “the end of the universe” that was somewhat anti-climatic. And the whole mystery behind Gorsach wasn’t explained enough to my liking. But we do get a deeper look into the Q Continuum and the background behind each of Q’s encounters, leading up to this cataclysmic event. And as Q is one of my all-time favorite characters from the Star Trek universe, I thoroughly enjoyed reading a Trek novel that revolved around Q rather than the seemingly ever-present Borg. Q&A is humorous, fun and a refreshingly light-hearted break from some of the latest darker and heavier Trek novels.

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