Starbase Indy 09

This past weekend I attended Starbase Indy. A special surprise guest was announced at the last minute. It seems that Logan Huffman, of recent “V” fame, called up Starbase Indy and asked if he could come on out, as he’s from Indianapolis anyway. This was his first convention and was extremely gracious and courteous to all of his fans. And even though attendee numbers were sparse, there were no shortage of questions for the young actor!

Logan Huffman

Logan Huffman

He even shared some spoilers with us that we’re not supposed to repeat. But I can say that the show is already written out with a five year plan. Logan himself is contracted for seven years. He doesn’t know for sure how his character will grow, but hopes to see a Romeo and Juliet type of relationship form with on-screen love Lisa (Laura Vandervoort).

Angela and Logan Huffman

Also in attendance was Garrett Wang, from Star Trek: Voyager. Garrett was at my first ever convention, back in 2004, which was also here at Starbase Indy. He was just as charming and witty as ever, and very entertaining.

Garrett Wang

William Morgan Sheppard had some wonderful stories to tell from his many years in the business. Trek fans will recognize him from his various Star Trek roles, including the recent film.

Angela and William Morgan Sheppard

I was also able to attend a Q&A with artist David Reddick and Deborah Downey from the original Star Trek. The two discussed everything from the latest Star Trek film to their art and backgrounds. Time flew when listening to them talk, with plenty of laughs.

David Reddick and Deborah Downey

Wish my iPhone had a flash. Camera ran out of batteries.

And, of course, it isn’t a scifi convention without Klingons and other costumed attendees!

Klingon Family

Orion Girl

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  1. Didn’t realize you’re a Hoosier too. I’ve been meaning to try and make it to a Starbase Indy for several years now, and never have had the time. Looks like it was fun.

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