13 thoughts on “Stardust Trailer”

  1. Well…

    That looks like one of those ‘loosely based on’ movies. But, the trailer makes me want to see it more than reading the book did.

    Since I’m on vacation starting Friday, I may go and see it.


  2. I got to see an advanced preview of Stardust on July 31 here in Chicago, and I can tell you the film is FANTASTIC! This movie should be on everyone’s must-see list. They did a terrific job of adapting the novel (Gaiman helped rewrite it) with every bit of fun, adventure, excitement and humor maintained.

  3. I can’t wait to see it. I’m draging the hubby kicking and screaming….I may have to agree to see a horror movie to get him to go. I want to see it that badly!

    Oh and thank you for turning me on to Tamora Pierce. I’ve been working my way thru all of her writings. I started with Terrier and then got hooked.

  4. CJ – I agree. And the all-star cast makes me all the more excited.

    John – Wow. Rave review.. I’m glad. I’m hoping it lives up to my expectations!

    Carrie – I don’t think I’d be willing to sit through a horror movie for it. Hope you’re not dissapointed. LOL
    Was it me? I don’t recall reading anything by Tamora Pierce. Though if her books are really good, I’ll have to give it a try.

  5. For me the “all star cast” is what scares me. Usually those make some of the worst sci-fi movies. I’ll enjoy seeing if Di Nero can possibly NOT stick out like a sore thumb….


  6. Opps! It must have been Carl at Stanless steel….I looked back over your book reviews and saw that I’ve picked up the Maximum Ride book and the Charilene Harris books from you….I’m sorry!

    The Tamora Pierce books are Teen books, but they are very fun. I just love strong determined female characters.

  7. For once I ended up seeing a movie on opening weekend, since we happened to be at the mall for the 10 am showing and I figured at that hour it wouldn’t be too crowded. I loved it!!! It was a ton of fun.

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