Stargate Atlantis Goes from TV to Movies

According to SciFiWire –

This 5th season will be the last for Stargate Atlantis, but they have the go-ahead to make a 2-hour movie. And the SciFi Channel says they will air it before it goes to DVD.

While I’m excited that Atlantis will get to make a bigger budget movie, I’m really going to miss the weekly fix that no other science fiction show is filling right now. At Comic Con, they mentioned another Stargate spin-off in the works. But who knows when that will happen.

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  1. While I loved the cast of Voyager, I thought that show was really hampered by some bad writing (pushing the reset button in the last 2 minutes got old very quick, I was much more of a DS9 fan). I wonder if they’ll bring anyone from either shows over to the new one.

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