Stargate Continuum Review

Stargate Continuum is the recent direct-to-dvd release movie of the record-breaking Stargate SG-1 TV series.

While performing an Extraction Ceremony on what SG-1 hopes is Baal’s last clone, something goes terribly wrong. And people start disappearing. When Baal travels back to Earth’s past, he ensures that the Stargate program doesn’t happen. Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson, and Cameron Mitchell arrive back on Earth in a different reality and must figure out how to correct the timeline before the Goa’uld invade Earth and destroy all hope.

Fans of the record-breaking Stargate SG-1 series are in for a treat. Many characters from the show’s past make brief appearances, as well as the late (and sorely missed) Don Davis. But the highlight for me was the featuring of my favorite Stargate bad guy: Baal, played by Cliff Simon. Baal’s character has a wonderful blend of sarcasm and condescension, which has led to some wonderful scenes with the SG-1 team. And of course, all of SG-1 is back, including Richard Dean Anderson as Jack O’Neill.

Unlike the previous movie, The Ark of Truth, this movie is a stand-alone. And with the incredible special effects, this would have been great to watch on the big screen. From filming in the below-freezing temperatures of the Arctic to back in Vancouver, the scenery and backdrops are exceptional. I also had high expectations regarding the storyline, since it included time travel, one of my favorite subgenres of science fiction. I wasn’t disappointed. Though there were some convenient loopholes, the plot was fun and exciting.

Loads of humor, adventure, flashy future technology, and wonderful characters make this movie a must-see.

3 thoughts on “Stargate Continuum Review”

  1. I really enjoyed it as well. Loved the setup for the next one with Col. Carter talking about setting up the Moon Base.

    I hope they do some more movies as they’re pretty fun….

  2. I enjoyed Stargate: Continuum very much. I loved Claudia Black as Qetesh. Marvelous performance. And Cliff Simon’s performance was Ba’al was exquisite. Also wonderful was Richard Dean Anderson’s performances as Maj. Gen. Jack O’Neill…and the alternate time line’s Col. Jack O’Neill. Yet another subtle variation of the Jack O’Neill’s we’ve met since the original movie, Stargate.

  3. im not going to do a Barry Norman here .Suffice to say as someone who didnt start watching Stargate till series 5, this was great.Baal was on top form with sarcastic and witty lines that you wouldnt expect from your usual nasty piece of work evil bad guy Gould.CHAMPION

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