Stargate SG-1: Female of the Species – Book Review

STARGATE SG-1: Female of the Species by Geonn Cannon

Vala Mal Doran, SG-1’s newest recruit, simply can’t ignore the plea for help she receives from her old friend, Tanis Reynard. And with vital intel up for grabs, Vala ensures SG-1 can’t ignore it either.

However, as the mission quickly unravels, Colonel Carter and Vala find themselves bound for the ‘inescapable’ prison world Viaxeiro Caldera, leaving Colonel Mitchell, Teal’c, and Dr Daniel Jackson to mount a rescue. Meanwhile, Sam and Vala uncover a sinister secret on Viaxeiro which means they will have to overcome their personal rivalries and learn to work together to bring down the insidious faction which controls the prison world – preferably before their true identities are discovered.

By the time Mitchell and the rest of SG-1 reach Viaxeiro, it’s anyone’s guess who’s rescuing whom in this rip-roaring Stargate adventure.

When I recently rewatched the entire series of SG-1 on Netflix, I loved Vala’s character a lot more this time around. So, I was eager to read another story with Vala and Carter as the central characters. While they are sent to an “inescapable” prison, these resourceful women don’t sit around and wait to be rescued. They learn as much as they can, and uncover a dark secret on the planet, and begin to form a plan. Meanwhile, the rest of the team use all of their resources just to find the prison planet.

I loved every bit of this well-paced novel, full of intrigue, humor, drama, and a seemingly impossible situation to escape. It’s just like an exciting episode from the series. The characters are spot on. The plot is fun and engaging. And the thrilling, climactic finale doesn’t disappoint. Fans of the show shouldn’t miss this adventure.