Unknown 9: Revelation – Book Review

Unknown 9: Revelation: Book Two of the Genesis Trilogy by Layton Green

After escaping from a watery dungeon in Venice, astrophysics PhD candidate Andromeda ”Andie” Robertson and investigative reporter Cal Miller are whisked to Bologna by a member of the mysterious Leap Year Society. A deadly confrontation with the Society’s bitter rivals, the Ascendants, sends Andie and Cal on the run once again, desperate to solve the Star Phone puzzle so they can reclaim their lives and rescue their loved ones.

Brilliantly juxtaposing a modern-day thriller with a historical search for a missing physicist, REVELATION probes ever deeper into the mounting mysteries surrounding Andie and her past.

What is the source of her strange hallucinations?

What are the true origins of the Leap Year Society and the Ascendants?

How are her mother and her mentor, Dr. James Corwin, involved?

From Italy to India and New York to Buenos Aires, Andie and Cal risk their lives to probe a secret world hidden in plain sight, drawing closer to answers that will determine not only their own fates, but who controls a new frontier of knowledge.

This is the 2nd installment in a planned trilogy involving 2 affiliated secret organizations. Although, one seems to stop at nothing to get want they want. Andie and Cal are now on the run and trying to hunt down clues before their followers can. With intermittent chapters following Dr. Corwin’s journey in the 70s-80s on his original hunt for an elusive device.

Fast-paced and heart-pounding suspense paired with clever clues and fringe science made this another fantastic read. Fans of Dan Brown thrillers should check this series out. The overall mystery is evolving slowly, with several surprises along the way. Exciting suspense is paired with drama and a bit of romance as well. A lot is packed into this sequel. And another cliffhanger ending left me impatient for the final novel in this captivating trilogy.

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