Stargate SG-1: Roswell

Stargate SG-1: Roswell, by Sonny Whitelaw and Jennifer Fallon is the ninth book in the media tie-in series published by Fandemonium.

A media tie-in novel of my favorite show, and it involves the Roswell Conspiracy? I had to check it out. Unfortunately for me, this line is published by UK publisher Fandemonium, and the only places I can find them are on Amazon and occasionally at the dollar store. But I digress…

Roswell begins with SG-1, sans Vala, fleeing the Ori and disappearing through the Gate. General Jack O’Neil is covering the base while Landry is out on leave. When they get a visit from a future Samantha Carter, she informs present Jack that his SG-1 team is stranded in the past. Jack and Vala leave in a puddle jumper to go back in time and rescue the team. But complications arise which end up altering the timeline.

My one complaint is that all the jumping around in time was a bit confusing, especially how they went about it. But then, I usually tune-out the technical jargon when watching the show anyway. So I just skimmed the time travel use of the Stargate sections of the book.

But the characters were right on. Vala was her normal chipper and witty self. She has quickly become a favorite character of mine. The dialog was well-written, and it’s obvious that a lot of research went into the making of this book. Humor is laced throughout the story, with plenty of action and suspense. This would have made a great episode. But I’m glad the show is at least living on through the novels, while we wait for the upcoming direct-to-dvd movies.

Whitelaw and Fallon did a wonderful job of co-writing this short novel. I’ll be interested in reading more of both of their work.

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