Storms of Vengeance

Storms of Vengeance

Storms of Vengeance, by new author John Beachem, is the first in the Lorradda Stone series.

An attack in the capital of Faranin threatens the stability of the kingdom. Through a exhaustive investigation, many come under scrutiny, even the city guards themselves. As an assassination is revealed to be just the tip of a plot involving surprising conspirators, no one can be trusted.

A complex mystery within a fantasy world and completely unpredictable, I found myself flipping back pages to find the clues that I missed. A large cast of characters encompasses Beachem’s world, complete with intriguing elves, ogres, trolls, and other magical forces. While I could have used a character index to keep track of everyone, the plot was so intricate and involved that it was hard to put down.

As more questions unfold, and culminate to a surprising yet unresolved finish, Storms of Vengeance leaves you wanting more and wondering what the sequel will bring.

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