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Box Review: Comic Bento – May 2016

Comic Bento

Comic Bento is a subscription Graphic Novel Box – A surprise selection of fantastic Graphic Novels with at least $60 worth of comics in every box and mailed right to your door!

Pricing starts at $20/month plus shipping. Sign up now and save 15% with code SAVE15 and this link!

Comic Bento

This month’s theme was Rewriting History. Each box comes with a nice card describing each of the month’s picks.

Comic Bento

Ivar Timewalker: Making History (Retail $9.99) – This is new to me and about time travel – I’m excited to check it out.
Publisher: Valiant (June 2, 2015)

Comic Bento

Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol (Retail $19.99) – The time travel AND Allies against the Nazis and Dinosaurs? Yes, please.
Publisher: Titan Comics (March 11, 2014)

Comic Bento

Mankind: Story of All of Us (Retail $14.99) – This one really isn’t time travel – it’s based on a History Channel show. Kind of dull. I’ll be skipping this one.
Publisher: Zenescope (November 27, 2012)

Comic Bento

X-Men: Days of Future Past (Retail $19.99) – This is the inspiration behind the film – and a fun, retro book. I also have the prose novel based on this story, but I’ll probably read this one first.
Publisher: Marvel (December 21, 2011)

Summary: 3 out of 4 titles that I’ll read and keep is great. The value is as good as always. And I LOVED the theme this month!

Box Review: Loot Crate – May 2016

Loot Crate

“Loot Crate™ delivers the best in geek + gaming gear. From collectibles, apparel, tech gadgets, art, and other epic gear, it’s like Comic-Con in a box!”

LootCrate is $13.95 plus $6 shipping and handling for month-to-month subscription. Less for multiple month purchases. They also now offer “Level Up,” 3 apparel upgrades at different pricing levels that you can add to your monthly subscription.

Loot Crate

This month’s theme was POWER.

Loot Crate

Each box comes with a nice mini mag that gives details about the items, interviews, and more.

Loot Crate Loot Crate

EXCLUSIVE Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt (Retail $15?) – This is genius… and hysterical. I love it.

Loot Crate

EXCLUSIVE Dragon Ball Z Shenron Plush Keychain (Retail $3-5?) – This really isn’t a keychain as it’s a plastic hoop. It’s more like a strange plush toy for a child or dog. Though, Lois Lane wouldn’t care about it since it doesn’t have a squeaker in it.

LootPin – A new one each month for collectors… or hoarders.

Loot Crate

EXCLUSIVE Warcraft Tshirt (Retail $10?) – Just in time to wear to the movie release! I haven’t played the game, but the trailers look great – so, I’m excited to see it. This is a clever design on a really soft shirt that I’ll definitely get use out of.

Loot Crate

Hulk Q-Fig (Retail $10+ on Amazon) – I haven’t heard of Q-Figs before. But then, I only really collect Funko POPs. This is a really cool figure for Hulk fans though. I can’t decide if I’ll keep it or save it for my nephew for his birthday.

Loot Crate

Summary: While there wasn’t a Funko POP figure, I really like this Q-Fig for something different. And the great shirt and oven mitt made this box a hit for me.

Next month’s theme is: Dystopia (logos of The Matrix, Fallout, RoboCop, Terminator 2, and Bioshock all shown in the email.)

Box Review: Bam Box – May 2016

Bam Box

The Bam Box was founded in 2015 by Bloof, the same team of geeks, comic book lovers and pop culture collectors that started ComiconAuction.com. We love collecting. We love the thrill of it, the mystery of it and especially that feeling you get when you have a collectible in your hands that you are really excited about. So we set out to bring something different to everyone.

There are some great subscription boxes on the market, but we felt there was still something missing. We went to the drawing board with the goal of creating the box we would want to show up on our doorstep. After a lot of ideas and prototypes we arrived at the Bam Box. From the design of the box to the items inside to the instant winners we send out, we accomplished what we wanted to do: give you the subscription box we would be jealous of.”

Cost: 1 month plan starts at $24.99 plus $7.99 s/h

SciFiChick.com received a box for review purposes.

Bam Box

The box comes with a half sheet, full-color information on what’s in the box.
This month’s theme was ABILITIES!
Right away, I knew I was going to enjoy this one!

Bam Box

Spider-Mander Pin – One of the unique and fun things about this box is that they offer 1-Up variants of some of the items in the box! I scored a Gold version of the pin (limited to 250).

Bam Box

Tony Todd “Zoom” Signed Photograph (Retail $20?) – Signed prints usually go for about $20 each at conventions. And signed items in Bam Boxes always come with a card of authenticity. Fans of Flash will appreciate this cool item.

Bam Box

EXCLUSIVE “The Wolverine” Print, signed by Rick Martin This is a very cool piece, signed and numbered by the artist. I love this one.

Bam Box

“One Ring” from the Lord of the Rings (Retail $10-15?) – 600 lucky people received a 1-Up for a gold-plated version! Still, this is a fun replica even as the black variant.

Bam Box

Google Cardboard VR Viewer (Retail $15) – I’ve had a lot of fun with this little gadget. It took me a while to find a QR code that worked to stop double-vision, but now it works like a charm. There are several free VR apps that work with it that I can’t wait to try out.

Bam Box
Bam Box

Magnetic Thinking Putty (Retail $10) – This was another great item too. The texture of the putty is like silly putty, but magnetic. So, when you get the little magnet close to it, the magnet snaps to the putty and slides through – embedding itself. It’s fun for all ages – I’m sure my niece or nephew will try to confiscate it.

Summary:This month was a great month of curation and value! At first glance, there didn’t seem like much in the box. Surprisingly, I liked both of the signed prints and the cardboard VR viewer was not something would’ve ever bought for myself but ended up really enjoying it. Finds like this are what makes mystery boxes so much fun.

Box Review: 1Up Box – May 2016

1Up Box

1Up Box is a monthly swag distributor that offers something remarkable, something creative, and something unique in which all geeks and gamers can fancy. We connect our subscribers to the best companies producing gear, snacks, toys, art, and just about anything that spells awesome. Each month we assemble a mystery collection of 5-8 items, all of which are kept secret until the boxes are delivered.

Our mission is to bring smiles to the curious, to the epic, and to all the magnificent geeks and gamers of our time by delivering value and creativity.”

USE COUPON: AWESOME to get your first month for just $9.92 + S/H

*SciFiChick.com received a complimentary box in exchange for an honest review.

1Up Box

This month’s theme was RPG!

1Up Box

The box comes with a nice flyer detailing the items included in this month’s selection.

1Up Box

World of Warcraft: Sylvanas Funko POP! (Retail $10.79) – There were 3 options that subscribers could receive from WOW. This was my favorite of the 3, so I was happy to get this one.

1Up Box

EXCLUSIVE Viking Pin (Retail $2-3?) – Cute little design that my niece or nephew may want to pin on their backpack.

Vault Bookmark – This is a fun, holographic bookmark.

1Up Box

Assassin Emoji Stickers (Retail $1?) – A page of 6, large stickers for the young gamer in your life. My niece loves emojis, so she’ll get a kick out of these.

1Up May 2016 RPG Pin – This is a little collector pin that must come each month.

1Up Box

EXCLUSIVE 1Up Buddies TShirt: The Furry Assassins (Retail $10?) – This is a super-cute design on a nice shade of pale blue. And the shirts come in women’s (junior) sizing! They do run small, so order a size or two larger than normal.

Summary: This month’s box was really small, but I was surprised they were still able to fit a POP and shirt in it. The value comes in just over the $20 price tag, so it’s a decent value. And it’s one of the most inexpensive geeky boxes I’ve see so far. Cheaper, if you buy multiple months at a time. And, of course, I’m partial to boxes that include Funko POPs!

Remember, use Coupon: AWESOME to get your first month for just $9.92 + S/H of 1Up Box!

Author Interview: Larry Correia

Author Larry Correia joins SciFiChick.com today to talk about his latest audio book for Audible: Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent! The book is narrated by Adam Baldwin (Firefly, Chuck)!

– Can you tell us a bit about The Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent in your own words?

It is a comedy about colliding universes, and the insurance agents who have to put things right.

– Who is Tom Stranger?

He is number one in customer satisfaction, three years running. Tom’s life is insurance. His home universe was totaled because it had insufficient coverage, so he’s pretty hard core about helping his clients. He’ll do absolutely anything to provide good customer service, and in the multiverse that means everything from zero-G kung-fu to dinosaur wrestling.

– Where did this idea come from?

I was driving down the street one day with Mike Kupari (who is also a novelist) and we passed a sign for Tom Stanger Insurance. Mike read Stanger as Stranger, and said out loud what kind of insurance would you buy from a guy name Stranger? And it kind of spiraled out of control from there. Authors are weird like that.

– What is this universe like?

That is the fun part. It is all the universes, smooshed together. If you can think of something, it is out there somewhere. And when two universes collide, Tom will be there (well, unless neither one is covered, because then it isn’t his problem).

– What book genre do you prefer to read?

My main genres are science fiction and fantasy, but I read pretty much everything. I love westerns, thrillers, mysteries, and I read a ton of non-fiction.

– Is writing for a strictly audio book any different than writing for print?

Yes and no. I write the same for both, but I feel that listening to my own work in audio has made me a much better writer over the years. It teaches you to make your dialog and descriptions better, it helps with the pacing, and really drives home the unnecessary bits that you should have edited out. Above all, it teaches you to quit saying He Said or I Said or She Said too much. That drives me nuts.

– What are you working on next?

I’m currently putting together an anthology of short stories set in my Monster Hunter International universe, featuring writers like Jim Butcher, Jonathan Maberry, John Ringo, Faith Hunter, and Jessica Day George.

Order now, for free from Audible!

Box Review: Smuggler’s Bounty – May 2016

Smugglers Bounty

“Star Wars and Funko are proud to present Smuggler’s Bounty, the only OFFICAL Star Wars subscription box in the galaxy! Featuring 100% exclusive collectibles, apparel and accessories from the Star Wars universe, each box is carefully curated for Star Wars fans and shipped directly to your doorstep. Every box is themed specifically around the Star Wars films with collectors in mind. For just $25 (plus shipping) every other month, members will receive a box full of exclusive Star Wars-themed Funko collectibles and a host of other surprises valued at over $50. Each box will focus on a different part of the Star Wars universe and include memorabilia exclusive to the program, perfect for any Star Wars fan.”

The theme this month was BOUNTY HUNTERS!

Smugglers Bounty

Star Wars Bounty Hunters Patch and Pin – these are small collectibles included in each box.

Smugglers Bounty

Bounty Hunters Tshirt (Retail $10?) – This shirt features several beloved bounty hunters in a bold, vibrant design on a navy shirt. I like it.

Smugglers Bounty

EXCLUSIVE IG-88 Funko POP! (Retail $20+?) – IG-88 is a rival of Boba Fett, and first made an appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. I love droids, so I was excited to add another to my collection.

Smugglers Bounty

EXCLUSIVE Boba Fett Funko POP! (Retail $20+?) – Everyone loves Boba Fett, and this exclusive is an awesome design. He’s blasting up into the air with his jet pack, causing a cloud of smoke beneath him. Love it.

Summary: Because of annoying spoilers, nothing here was a big surprise. I really liked everything included, however. I love that they’re including 2 POPs each month! I’m still not sure why they don’t include a comic like the other Funko boxes, since there are several ongoing Star Wars comics from Marvel right now. Only that minor complaint, otherwise this is a consistent, great value box.

Box Review: DC’s Legion of Collectors – May 2016


This is the 2nd box from DC’s Legion of Collectors and the theme was DC TV. The Legion of Collectors offers these boxes starting at $25 plus s/h.


Like the other mystery boxes from Funko, each box comes with an exclusive badge and pin.

FullSizeRender (1)

The Flash #123 Legion of Collectors Variant (Retail $4+?) – Not sure what the retail price is, as it’s not on the comic itself. But I was happy to get a Flash comic

Legion of Collectors

Arrow Tshirt (Retail $10?) – Yet another black shirt. But I do like this design! I’ll be keeping this one.

FullSizeRender (2)

EXCLUSIVE Jay Garrick Funko POP! (Retail $15+) – I LOVE this Jay Garrick exclusive! It’s unique looking and one I don’t have… a nice surprise.

FullSizeRender (3)

EXCLUSIVE Rock Candy Supergirl (Retail $15+) – While I was a bit bummed this wasn’t a POP, I really like the look of these Rock Candy figures. And they aren’t ones that I’d buy for myself. Here’s a comparison of the exclusive versus the regular version available in stores below.

Summary: I enjoyed this 2nd box even more than the first! The value is great. And I loved the choices this month. I only wish they could have incorporated Legends of Tomorrow with more than just a pin, since I’m a big fan of the show. Hopefully, down the road, we’ll see some Funko POPs from the show.

The next theme is Suicide Squad, which is appropriate with the new film coming.

Box Review: Comic Bento – April 2016


Comic Bento is a subscription Graphic Novel Box – A surprise selection of fantastic Graphic Novels with at least $60 worth of comics in every box and mailed right to your door!

Pricing starts at $20/month plus shipping. Sign up now and save 15% with code SAVE15 and this link!

Comic Bento

This month’s theme was Elementals. Each box comes with a nice card describing each of the month’s picks.

Comic Bento

Fantastic Four Season One (Retail $24.99) – I enjoy this Season One series, and this is one I don’t have yet! I’m a big Fantastic Four fan. And I always appreciate hardbacks and the added value.
Publisher: Marvel (February 22, 2012)

Comic Bento

Book of Death (Retail $14.99) – I enjoy these characters from what I’ve read of Valiant titles so far. So I’m looking forward to this one too.
Publisher: Valiant (February 2, 2016)

Comic Bento

Surface Tension (Retail $19.99) – This looks like an interesting premise. I look forward to reading this one as well.
Publisher: Titan Comics (March 8, 2016)

Comic Bento

Four Points: Horsemen EXCLUSIVE Cover (Retail $12.99) – Not only did we receive this before it hit stores, but it’s an exclusive cover.
Publisher: Aspen (May 4, 2016)

Summary: The value (as always) is great this month. And I’m interested in reading all of the titles! I appreciate the variety in the publishers as well. I usually only read Marvel and a few DC titles. So, this gives me some exposure to the smaller pubs.