Fantasy Book Review: Under the Gun

Under the Gun by Hannah Jayne Synopsis: Quick thinking and loyalty have taken human Sophie Lawson a long way in the UDA – along with a healthy dose of magic immunity. But when her old boss Pete Sampson asks for help after a mysterious two year disappearance, she’s determined to find out what high placed … Read more

Carrie Vaughn Exclusive Interview and Giveaway

Author Carrie Vaughn talks about her wildly popular Kitty Norville urban fantasy series and most recent installment, Kitty Steals the Show with And keep reading for a chance to win a copy of the book!

Can you tell us a bit about KITTY STEALS THE SHOW in your own words?

Kitty goes to London for a conference on paranormal studies. Shenanigans ensue, of course! Kitty gets to meet vampires and werewolves in another country and see how they interact, and reunites with some old friends along the way. London’s a great city to write about, and I hope read about!

How has Kitty’s character evolved over the years?

She’s gotten stronger, she’s learned to take care of herself, and then she’s learned to take care of the people around her, her family and friends, her pack, and so on. Now, she’s learning to be a leader. The way I’ve looked at it — as the series has progressed, her sphere of influence and power have expanded, and she’s grown to meet the challenge.

How many books do you have planned for Kitty Norville?

I can’t say exactly. I have an end point in mind, but if I keep getting ideas in the meantime, I’ll keep writing. I’m under contract for four more at the moment.

KITTY STEALS THE SHOW is your tenth installment in the series. How do you keep your ideas as well as characters fresh and exciting?

The first trick is starting with a character who has a lot of potential for growth and adventure, then stay true to that character. There are a lot of corners of Kitty’s world to explore, a lot of different folklores, locations, and stories to tell. I’m always trying to find a new story rather than rehash an old one, and I try to let the characters grow and develop naturally. That makes for the most satisfying stories, I think.

Urban fantasy/paranormal novels are popular and widespread right now. What different about the Kitty Norville series that sets it apart from the others?

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