The 5th Wave Is Coming!

5th wave

I received this fantastic publicity kit for Penguin Teen’s upcoming alien invasion novel The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. This kit is certainly the best book publicity kit I’ve ever seen, and even as good as some of the TV kits I’ve received.


Inside the backpack from George Barnard High School was everything you see in the first picture above: a journal with a cutout hiding a flash drive, a dirty teddy bear, a tin can, and a survival kit. The first thing I did was check out the flash drive. On it was a PDF containing an excerpt from The 5th Wave with a hidden message embedded that said something about looking through the contents of the bag to see what doesn’t fit.

survival kit

survival kit 2

Here’s a picture of the survival kit with its contents displayed. There was a surprising amount in there. In the kit was: wire, a fishing kit with string, a small roll of duct tape, waterproof matches, a small rope, three safety pins, a couple bandages, a compass, a whistle, an emergency blanket, a package of surgical blades, folded up tin foil, and a plastic bag. I can imagine uses for just about everything but the tin foil… but then, I was never a girl scout.


Here’s a closer look at the stained ribbon on the teddy bear that reads “Sammy Sullivan.”
Which, my dog Lois Lane promptly claimed as her own and stole away…


After seeing all of this, I certainly can’t wait to dig into my early copy of the novel and hope it lives up to this great hype!
To learn more about The 5th Wave check out the official website:

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  1. That is an awesome way to promote a book. I would say the whistle could go…but who knows. I’ll be waiting for your review 🙂

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