The Calling

The Calling

The Calling, by David Mack

Tom Nash seems like an ordinary man with a wife and child on the way. But Tom has a gift. He can hear people’s prayers and feels a compulsion to answer them. When he hears a terrified young girl pleading for her life, Tom knows that he must help her. Tom embarks on a mission to save a kidnapped girl, and along the way discovers that he’s not the only one with special gifts. And not everyone uses them for good.

Mack has created an incredible fantasy world of angels (the Called) and demons (the Scorned), among other super-powered beings. Tom Nash is a good man with a destiny to help people. When faced with deadly adversity, he doesn’t even question what he’s doing. He simply makes up his mind that helping an innocent stranger is his only option. Along the way, he meets another Called like himself, with not as wholesome morals. But the Scorned are pure evil. And when the forces of evil team up with vicious mafia, Tom is confronted with a danger he has never faced before.

The supporting characters are vivid and mysterious. It’s difficult to go into much detail without giving away some surprises. But there are several twists to the story, with some revelations at the end that leave it open-ended for a sequel. Here’s hoping!

The Calling is an exciting, dark and suspenseful urban fantasy tale. Fast-paced and thrilling, this is definitely one of my favorite original novels of the year. This is a must read for urban fantasy fans.

The Calling releases from Pocket Books on July 21st.

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  1. The Calling sounds like a novel I want to read in the very near future. What a great idea for a story. Thanks for the information. Check out my first and recently released novel, Long Journey to Rneadal. This exciting tale is a romantic action adventure in space and is more about the characters than the technology.

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