The Crimson Sword

The Crimson Sword is the debut novel by Eldon Thompson.

When the king is assassinated and the city conquered by an unknown army commanded by a wizard, all hope seems to fall on a young man named Jarom. With the help of his friend, Jarom goes in search of the legendary Crimson Sword, believing the magical sword will help in his quest to usurp the evil wizard. But there are many other forces at work, with their own plans for Jarom and the sword.

In typical high fantasy tradition, The Crimson Sword contains dragons, wizards, demons, and other unique creatures. But the strength of this novel lies in the twists and surprises in the story. And with plenty of action and violence, we’re never sure who may live and who will die. The antagonists are ruthless killers, but the good guys aren’t without their own arsenal of skilled combatants.

There were a few unique characters that I really enjoyed. But this novel is definitely driven by the action and exciting storyline. This was an impressive debut from a young author. I’ll definitely be seeking out the sequels: The Obsidian Key and The Divine Talisman, which will supposedly be released next year.

Thanks to A Dribble of Ink for the great recommendation.

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  1. SciFiChick,

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! Eldon’s novels are a lot of fun and he likes to put his own little spins on the traditional Fantasy cliches, which is always appreciated!

    When I spoke to Eldon not long ago he told me that the draft of The Divine Talisman is done, out of his hands and on the desk of his editor. So at least we know it’s close to arriving!

    Can’t wait to see what you think of his second novel.

    A Dribble of Ink

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