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  1. I can, but it probably won’t be. Most likely it will do “okay”. I have worries about it though. I didn’t hate the first one as much as everyone else. I appreciated it for what it was, but it wasn’t a great flick or anything. Visually it at least looked good, which is better than some films can say that try to do awesome things.
    Regardless, this new one better be really good and not just crappy…cause Norton is a jerk I hear, yet his films are awesome…so…yeah.

  2. Ed Norton has been given a lot of power over this film, which is one reason he agreed to take on the role. Not only is he the star but he’s the writer of the movie and as producer he gets to edit the film. According Nikki Finke over at Deadline Hollywood he and Marvel are getting fighting over the movie…


    But from what I understand they are ignoring the first movie and this is a reboot of the franchise, with the exception that he’s already the Hulk.

  3. The filmed this in Toronto and on the campus where I work. I ran into Ed one morning on my way to work. He was hanging out beside his trailer and said goodmorning to me. I figured out afterwards who he was. People spent the summer saying he was a bit of a twit but since I had that nice ‘goodmorning’ from him I choose to believe he isn’t.

  4. Personally, I didn’t think the original Hulk was that bad. Ang Lee really did a good job capturing the essence of the character and if you took away the mutated dogs and the last third where he fought his father, it had the potential to be something special. Granted, the new one looks a lot more exciting, but more action doesn’t necessarily mean better. I will allow that Edward Norton is a great actor, but so is Eric Bana and I would take Jennifer Connelly any day over Liv Tyler 🙂

  5. This movie looks lame and I won’t make the mistake I did last time by wasting my money to see it in theaters. I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD and rent it.

  6. Boy, I just don’t know about this one.

    I really enjoyed the style of the first one until the last 15min or so. You can tell they just ran out of ideas. The last 15min just didn’t fit into the whole story of the movie at all. I almost felt like I was sitting through a 15min sequel or something. It was just a poorly thought out, poorly executed ending to an otherwise well acted decently written movie. Connelly instantly brings credibility to any movie she is in and I think their biggest mistake was pretty much removing her completely from the ending of the movie. That was a huge mistake. The whole movie had somewhat of a love story to it. They pretty much just dropped it dead at the end.

  7. You gotta be serious. They are making a second one? I’m surprised as I thought the first one was a major failure and I thought it wasn’t meant to be with some super heroes.

  8. According to Box Office Mojo the first Hulk movie made over $245 Million Worldwide. Had an opening weekend of 62+ million dollars and made 132 million domestic, and 113 million in foreign boxoffice. The Movie had a budget of 137 million. And it had a marketing budget of 32 million I believe. I can’t find what it made on dvd, but I gotta think it cleaned up. Marvel Studios saw an chance to A. Make some money B. Start a franchise. and C. Lay the groundwork for the Ultimates movie. It’s a big risk, we’ll see what happens.

  9. I’m glad this Hulk doesn’t look so much like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, but the hair on his head looks like a bad ‘piece!
    Norton is such a talented actor, hopefully he can save the movie.

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