The Wannoshay Cycle

The Wannoshay Cycle is a brand new release by Michael Jasper.

In the not-too-distant future, an alien race called the Wannoshay has crash-landed in the Midwest and Canada. While the aliens try to integrate into our society, they must overcome obstacles such as prejudice, fear, and many Wannoshay have become prone to violent outbursts. After a series of tragic accidents which are blamed on the aliens, the Wannoshay are placed in internment camps.

Meanwhile, seemingly random individuals begin experiencing strange visions and feel compelled to help the aliens, leading them all to the crash site of the Wannoshay mother ship. Why are they here? And can humanity overcome prejudice and fear before ruining relations and destroying their whole alien race?

A soft-scifi novel, The Wannoshay Cycle centers more on characters and relationships than action and plot progression. This was an interesting look at how Americans might react to a completely different race trying to integrate into our society. Acceptance without knowledge of their nature would be close to impossible. And Michael Jasper has created a fascinating culture of aliens in the completely unique Wannoshay. This was a nice change of pace from my usual taste of space action scifi.

3 thoughts on “The Wannoshay Cycle”

  1. Umm…wasn’t that the plot of a TV show called Alien Nation? I mean, in the TV show the aliens were slaves, but it’s still the same concept right?

  2. SMD – I kept thinking of Alien Nation the whole time I was reading it! lol Though these aliens aren’t anything like Alien Nation’s Newcomers. The Newcomers were more humanoid and easier to integrate.

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