Thief With No Shadow

Thief With No Shadow, by Emily Gee, is a dark and gothic tale of heartache and romance.

Melke is a wraith, a young woman with the gift of invisibility. When she steals a necklace in exchange for her brother’s freedom, Melke unknowingly brings disaster to the family from whom she robbed. In exchange for healing her brother, Melke agrees to steal back the necklace so that a curse can be broken.

This is a very dark and disturbing story of love, hate, and forgiveness. With elements of fantasy, fair tale, and romance, every character must go through hardship before they can find happiness. This book is not for the faint of heart, expecting just a light-hearted fantasy. The story is slow-paced, giving way to character development and focusing on the relationships between the two families. Though the plot is predictable, I was immediately drawn to the characters, especially that of Melke. She is complex, with a strong will and a selfless nature.

Since I can’t recall having read any other gothic romance of this kind (just the occasional vampire novel), it’s hard for me to compare Thief with No Shadow to other novels. Also, I’ll give a warning that there are some disturbing allusions to a sort of bestiality (though the animals have human characteristics) and rape, though (thankfully) nothing extremely descriptive.

Thief with No Shadow is available from Solaris Books, Amazon, and bookstores in the UK, US, and Canada.

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  1. I’ll have to pick it up. Even with all the other stuff (rape and what not) it still sounds like it has a lot to offer.

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