Through the Veil

Through the Veil is a new release by Shiloh Walker.

When Lee Ross awakens one morning, she is magically pulled into another world. But unlike her reality, this world is harsh and at war. Vicious Warlords have been kidnapping women from this world to use as breeders. And monstrous demons are also being sent through portals to this world.

All of her life she’s had strange dreams. And it looks like her “dreams” may be her reality. Though Lee arrives among friends, she soon finds herself put through rigorous training and extreme situations. Thankfully, the tough-but-sensitive Kalen is there to ease her suffering and help her adjust to the new surroundings.

Lee and Kalen are vivid characters with wonderful chemistry. Lee’s past is mysterious, and unfolds throughout the story with some surprising revelations. The story is darker than most paranormal romance, with its share of anguish and suspense. The romance is steamy. The intrigue kept me guessing. And storyline kept flowing and kept me captivated with the excitement and danger.

Through the Veil releases from Berkley on June 3rd.

6 thoughts on “Through the Veil”

  1. Sounds a little like the female version of Thomas Covenant; I’ll have to keep an eye out for that one.

    Thanks for the heads up.


  2. No problem, Shiloh.. It was fun!

    Scotty – I’ve only heard of that series, so I can’t compare. But I’m sure this has much more romance in it.

    SolShine7 – Yeah, it has a fantastic cover!

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