Thursday 13 Unique Gift Ideas

With Christmas right around the corner, here are 13 unique, last-minute gift ideas for those of you who still haven’t bought all of your presents yet:
Thursday 13

1. Ball Ice Cream Maker – for a holiday flare.

2. Flameless, Scented Candles – safer around pets and kiddo’s.

3. Sippin’ Seat Cushion – Actually, this is just kind of gross.

4. A Square Foot of Irish Countryside – You can’t get much use out of it, but you can say you own property in Ireland I guess.

5. Universal Voice-Activated Remote – for the extremely lazy.

6. Choose Your Adventure Gift Certificates – from hang gliding to snowshoeing.

7. UV Toothbrush Sanitizer – for those germaphobes.

8. Chocolate of the Month Club – every woman wants this.

9. Secret Security Camcorder Hidden in a Clock – stealth cameras for super spies

10. Star Wars Nutcrackers – I’m not sure who’d pay $350 on a nutcracker, but whatever floats your boat.

11. Double Lucky Pyramid Bamboo Plant – for those with a black thumb, these are hard to kill.

12. iPod Dock Toilet Paper Holder – There is now, officially, an iPod holder for everything.

13. Home Planetarium – Now, this is just cool. And only $25!

36 thoughts on “Thursday 13 Unique Gift Ideas”

  1. Those home security cameras used to terrify me when I was a kid and babysitting…not because I was doing anything wrong…I was just afraid that the parents were going to come home and see that after the kids went to bed I danced around their living room for an hour to amuse myself! lol

    So…I used to walk around the house looking in dolls and teddy bears and clocks…before starting my “kids have gone to bed” interpretive dance!

    My TT is up!

  2. Cool list! #1, 2, 7 and 13 would be great gifts. 🙂 BTW, I like the Stargate snowflake graphic at the top of your blog. Very cool. 🙂 Stargate (both SG-1 and Atlantis) are “must watch” for both my husband and I!

    Happy Holidays. 🙂

  3. Okay, this has NOTHING to do with your 13, but where did you get the Xmas stargate banner??? I’m a huge Stargate fan…that’s awesome!

    We got my brother-in-law the ice cream maker balls last year…we get him wacky gifts every year. He loves it!

    My 13 are up.

  4. Ok the seat thing is weird, and 350 for a Darth Vader nutcracker … I have a few things to say about that, but I won’t. I do like the home planetarium that is most cool.

  5. Interesting gifts! I’d like to try some of those candles sometime and see if they work.

    Absolutely love the planetarium! I will have to keep that in mind for a future gift request!!!

  6. I’m diggin’ the home planetarium thingy. Actually, it kinda looks like the ball ice cream maker. Maybe next year they’ll have a ice cream maker/planetarium combo.

    The seat thing is kind of wierd.

    Fun stuff. It’s amazing what things are out there.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. HAHAHA I read #12 as DUCK…and was thinking…why in the world would someone make an iPod/TP holder in the shape of a DUCK ! Man…I’m losing it!

  8. I’d love to have the nutcracker! But no way at that price. I’ll have to live with my Darth Vader bank. 🙂
    The ice cream balls are a cool idea. I’ll have to see if I can find them.

  9. Love the ice cream ball maker! I got my nephew one of these for his birthday this year. For those readers lookin for them, I got mine from And yes, every woman DOES was the Chocolate of the Month Club!!

  10. I would love to walk into someone’s bathroom and see the ipod holder…or better yet, go into someone’s house, ask to use the bathroom, and behave very badly when she tells me she doesn’t own the ipod holder for the bathroom.

    But I can’t go without listening Tom Jones! I just can’t!

    The planetarium and the chocolate of the month sound really awesome. I hope someone signs me up for the monthly pass!

    Happy Thursday to you!

  11. I want the tooth brush sanitizer!!!! That is such a great idea!!! I guess that makes me a germaphobe. But I don’t care… it’s just cool.

    germaphobes of the world unite!!!!

  12. I love these Ideas. I saw the ball ice cream thing and wasnt sure about that. I love the ipod tp thing my bf may need that. Also a great number 14 is ” clocky” Google it it is a cool alarm clock

  13. So do you have tons of time to shop or what? Barry wants an iPod sound system–think he’d go for the bathroom version? 🙂 Could you email your current address?

    Have a great Christmas!

  14. I thought I had seen all the wacky Star Wars merchandise (like Star Wars nesting dolls… coming your way soon 🙂 until now… wow.

    I’m sure I can live without the rest of this stuff.

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