Thursday 13 Wish List

This week for Thursday 13, I’m listing 13 things I want for Christmas:

1. Peace, love, and all that junk.

2. Marvel Heroes Monopoly or James Bond 007 Monopoly.

3. Nancy Drew Boxed Set

4. An Electric Fireplace

5. Black Order, by James Rollins

6. Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest (Two-Disc Collector’s Edition)

7. Shamus in the Green Room: A Cece Caruso Mystery, by Susan Kandel

8. The Aquaman Archives, Vol. 1

9. Bond on Set: Filming Casino Royale

10. Sliders – The First and Second Seasons

11. Superman Returns (Two-Disc Special Edition)

12. Alien Nation – The Complete Series

13. Daniel Craig
… Is that too much to ask?

25 thoughts on “Thursday 13 Wish List”

  1. You can’t have Daniel, he’s mine! But I might be persuaded to give him up for Richard Dean Anderson. Ball is in your court.

    Great list! I hope you have a great Christmas. 🙂

  2. I hadn’t thought about Sliders forever! I really liked that show but never caught it regularly. I am going to have to Netflix that. BTW, if you are a Border’s member they have a coupon this week for 40% DVD boxed sets…just in case you want to hint extra hard to someone to get out there and get this for you.

    Tom and Karen have an electric fireplace and it is really great. I’d love to have one but I think our living room is just too small for it right now.

  3. Christine – You have a deal. You can have RDA, and I’ll take Craig. RDA is closer to my father’s age anyway. lol

    Carl – Yeah, I just printed off those coupons earlier this morning! I’ll give one to my sister, and probably use one myself!

  4. A James Rollins fan! Yay! I am getting Black Order after Christmas, but I have all of his other books. And, he has a new book coming out in the summer.

  5. Daniel Craig would be nice wrapped under the tree. His picture is always on my blog. I wouldn’t mind Gerard Butler either … and thanks for reminding me about Sliders, I was trying to remember the name of that show when I was thinking about that show and trying to explain to my husband what it was. Couldn’t remember the title for 4 years until I read your blog. Glad I did.

  6. Great list! I hope you receive most of the items on your Christmas list. 🙂 I’ve bought #11 for hubby, and I’ll enjoy it too!

    Happy T13. 🙂

  7. Can you believe I’ve never read a Nancy Drew! I’m so embarrassed. And, my son saw Casino Royale before I did, and now I can’t get out for awhile. Hopefully, I’ll see it before it’s in DVD. I’m with you on the fireplace, though. Nothing is nicer in the winter! I hope you get everything your heart desires.

  8. Cool list. What you also need is a crazy cousin like Randy Quaid’s character in Christmas Vacation, who will go and kidnap Daniel Craig and bring him to your home. I still wish someone would bring Cheryl Ladd to me like that, but then, Lovely Wife would probably scratch her eyes out, so, better not. Oh well, I guess I’ll just ask for a football.

  9. Bellezza – Woah! No Nancy Drew? Those books are some of my fondest memories of childhood. lol
    Well, recuperate fast! If you lived closer, I’d haul you to see it in a wheelchair or something.
    Glad your back!

    John – That is hilarious! I don’t have any crazy uncles like that, unfortuntely.. Randy Quaid is hysterical.

  10. Ooooh Alien Nation! I haven’t thought about that one in awhile.

    I want Denzel Washington for Christmas. Keep putting him on my list but my husband keeps crossing him off. *pout*

  11. A girl who knows what she wants and can jot it down in a list! I wish I was better at that, particularly in remembering which books I want to read. But there are so many!

    Hope some of your wishes come true!

  12. I think I’m getting old (44…I was your age when I got married 15 years ago!) because I want a mini screwdriver (the tools, not the cocktail) kit and one day where I don’t here the word “Mom” spoken in a whiney or disrespectful voice!

  13. Wow, I can’t wait till the fight over Daniel Craig breaks out. I loved Sliders. Like Carl, I’d forgotten all about it. Somewhere around here, I’ve got the final episode on VHS (taped off the TV for the eldest, who was working or going out or . . . whatever teenagers did that year). I can’t remember, but I have this feeling that I hated how it ended. I might be confusing the finale with that of a different show.

  14. Di – Yes, I’m 29, and unfortunately, kids seem a long way off.

    Nancy – I don’t think I ever saw the finale of Sliders. I only watched reruns. But I always thought the first couple seasons were the best.

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