31 thoughts on “Tom Welling Portrait”

  1. Christine – You should, it’s a great show!

    Alyssa – The show is definitely one of my favorites… and he’s not a bad subject either. 😉

    SQT – He’s older than the character he plays. He’ll be turning 30 this year. And so will I 🙁

    Thanks, everyone else!

  2. Oh My god that is so good,i love the show small ville and u did a great job. The eyes remind me so muchof him. I am studying to be a artist and going to colledge right now and u r like a insperation to me
    Keep up the good work

  3. Hello Angela,

    I also drew Tom Welling (and Kristin Kreuk) and I stumbled upon your drawing. You did a good job and I like the “softness” of all your portraits.

    I don’t like pretender artists and not that I’m a snitch but it seems like someone used your portrait on this website:
    (he didn’t even erase your signature)
    Another “embezzlement”:

    Just to inform you…


  4. man oh man thats way better then my drawing! you know i’m actully takeing art at harper night class. i loved your scetch so much i used it on a poster of mine for school i’m doing a report on tom. i hope you don,t mind.

    keep it up

    your new fan


  5. love tom so much…… mmmmmmmmuuuuuaaaaaccccchhhhh…..
    happy b’day at april 26….
    god blees u and family… much love form me…..

  6. This is unique. I love the lightning. The eyebrows are perfect and the hair looks neat. = D
    Fantastic job. *claps*

  7. Wow Angela. I dont’t really know who you are but this piece is amazing. Please e-mail mme some time. I’d like to know who you are.

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