Touch of Twilight

Touch of Twilight, by Vicki Pettersson, is the 3rd installment in her Sign of the Zodiac series.

Joanna Archer has been masquerading as her (dead) sister Olivia and moonlights as the Archer for the Zodiac troop of Light. But she also has ties to the Shadow side. Her father is the evil master of the Shadow troop. As the 3rd sign of the Zodiac is revealed, does it mean that Joanna will turn to the Shadows? And a terrifying and deadly doppelganger seems to be want something from her as well. Joanna has difficult choices to make that will affect her personal life and all those around her.

Joanna is thrust into the most difficult situations imaginable – from her ex-boyfriend dating an agent of Shadow to dealing with her fellow agents of Light that hate her as well. But she’s tough as well as vulnerable, a wonderfully complex character. And as always, the action is a roller coaster ride of thrills and surprises. As the story and Zodiac signs are revealed, the odds continue to grow against the side of Light. But Joanna has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Comic book fans as well as urban fantasy fans would all fall in love with this series. Definitely one of my favorites, Pettersson combines comic book super heroes with zodiac legend, which blends flawlessly into an exhilarating story.

Touch of Twilight releases May 27 from Eos Books.

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  1. I am looking forward to this book. Loved the first two books. Joanna is a great character. Personally, the boyfriend is a dweeb and deserves to be dating a shadow member

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