Trek Actors Beam Down to Leverage

Star Trek alums Armin Shimerman (TNG and DS9), Brent Spiner (TNG), and Kitty Swink (DS9) have guest star roles on TNT’s new series Leverage! And Jonathan Frakes (TNG) directs his former colleagues in Tuesday night’s episode titled “The Juror #6 Job.”

Leverage has become one of my favorite new shows. If you haven’t been watching, be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 10/9c on TNT.

Here’s a sneak peek at next week’s episode:

One thought on “Trek Actors Beam Down to Leverage”

  1. If you like this show I *highly* recommend you check out Hustle from the BBC. Very similar in format and it’s by the studio that created Life on Mars, Spooks and some other terrific shows. I might also suggest *Jekyll* as well by new Dr. Who showrunner Stephen Moffat. The British woman on Leverage is that show as well.

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