9 thoughts on “True Blood Premiers Tonight”

  1. It’s been all over the torrent/file sharing sites for about two months now (pre-screening DVDs were sent out) so you could see it before tonight if you were so inclined 😛

  2. I’ve been noticing the previews for this show and had no intention of watching it. I find it odd how so many people are into necrophilia, which is all this “Vampires are sexy” craze is.

    But it turned out to come on right after Entourage, so I tuned in. It’s utterly ridiculous and silly, but kind of interesting to watch in that “I’m too lazy to change the channel” way.

    HBO has generally gone down the tubes as far as original serial programming. This one is more of the same style of writing: same basic storylines focusing on whose sleeping with who and whose taking advantage of who, only this time lets make some of the characters vampires. Do vampires have sex? Apparently so.

  3. Angela – Yeah, not so easy when I have a Mac though. I haven’t ever had much luck with that.

    Greg – “Necrophilia” is a bit harsh. At least for most people (women), it’s not that the vampire is undead, it’s that he’s forever young, super strong, very alpha male, usually drop-dead (no pun intended) gorgeous, and mysterious.
    I can’t speak on the show, since I still haven’t seen it. But the books aren’t as soap opera-like as you’re referring. It’s more about the mystery in each story. The character interactions are both dramatic and comedic. I certainly hope the show does it justice.

  4. Lol! Not all vamps are portrayed that way, though I have to admit, most are.
    I’m not impressed with the casting choices, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t care for the show either.

  5. I don’t get HBO either, but as much as I like the new wave of vampire love stories this one looks a little silly. But with Anna Paquin in the lead role I’d give it a try.

  6. yeah….not good. Which is a shame. They botched this from the casting to the direction….

    HBO has really gone down in quality in terms of it’s original programming when they got the new head of programming.

    They canceled the development of the adaption of the Preacher comic series…

    ah welll….

  7. True Blood resembles Heroes at first glance (just rented the first episode from Blockbuster)… for some reason this show makes me want to eat Cajun food and drink cheap beer

  8. True blood will go down as one of HBOs best series by far. A lot of people wont agree with me but its true. It is catching on fast and I’m definitely a massive fan.

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