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1. How much space is left on your Tivo or DVR box?
Around 45 hours out of 100.

2. Have you ever bought a DVD of a TV series and if so which one?
A lot!
The 4400 (1 & 2, so far)
A-Team (season 2)
Battlestar Galactica (Classic only. And only made one season.)
The Dead Zone (1-4, so far)
Firefly (only made one season)
The Flash (only made one season)
The Greatest American Hero (season 1, autographed by William Katt)
Knight Rider (season 1)
MacGyver (season 1 and 4)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show (seasons 1-3)
Moonlighting (1-4, so far)
Quantum Leap (1, 3, & 4 so far)
Remington Steele (all 5 seasons)
Roswell (all 3 seasons)
Simon & Simon (season 1, so far)
Smallville (season 1)
Stargate: SG-1 (season 1-8, so far)
Stargate: Atlantis (season 1, so far)
Wonder Woman (all 3 seasons)

3. What was the last TV show that you all watched before reading this message?
Last night, I watched episodes of Simon & Simon.

4. List 5 shows you won’t miss.
Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, The 4400, The Dead Zone, Psych, Heroes, Lost, Smallville… yes, more than 5.

5. Name 3 people to whom you will pass this stick.
Whoever wants it.

3 thoughts on “TV Meme”

  1. I didn’t know how to read that ‘5 tv shows you won’t miss’….ones you always watch or ones you’ll be glad when they’re gone!

    I don’t own alot of TV series on DVD because of Netflix. I have Firefly, of course. Some original Star Trek episodes, The Vicar of Dibley and Jeeves and Wodehouse. I got the first season of Buffy and the first season of NYPD as gifts. I think that’s it.

  2. Oooh, you’ve got some good ones. I didn’t know you could even get the Flash season. We used to record that series on VHS and were so sad when it ended. I’m not sure how many seasons of MacGyver and Stargate we’ve got, but they’re all over the place. And, I adored Remington Steele – think we just have the first season.

    I just got Your Planet or Mine by Susan Grant, today. It’ll probably be a while before I get to it, but it looks great – got this one on your recommendation, so thanks in advance. It really looks like a fun book. 🙂

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