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More good news!
Robert Pattinson, who played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movies, has been cast as Edward in the upcoming movie Twilight. Twilight is based on Stephanie Meyer’s best-selling young-adult novel of the same name, which I reviewed here.

The story is about a girl named Bella (Kristen Stewart) who moves to a small town and finds it hard to fit in. Bella soon finds herself drawn to the strange but beautiful, Edward (Robert Pattinson), only to find out that he’s a vampire. The movie is set to go into production in early 2008.

I definitely approve of the cast so far. I’ll be at this one opening night!

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart

Source: SciFiWire

14 thoughts on “Twilight Movie”

  1. I read Twilight and enjoyed it quite a bit for not reading much scifi – Thanks for the update, I am looking forward to the movie as are some of my friends.

  2. Stephanie – That’s for sure! I loved him in the Potter movies!

    Amy – I’m glad you liked it too. This was a book so many friends on the blogosphere were talking so much about that I knew I had to see what all the hype was about. Glad I did!

  3. im so mad that robert is playing edward he sucks and looks like a girl and hes butt ugly im so dissapionted about that although i dont mind having kristen as bella i like her that was my 1# choice for her and robert was not even on my list for edward
    if anyone wants to talk about it more email me @

  4. I loved Twilight and I was so in love with Edward. I can’t believe Robert got the part. I wanted it to be Gaspard Ulliel or Henry Cavill not robert! Bella I guess Kristen is okay but emily was the first on my list.

  5. i really love the idea of this movie ive been waiting

    for a chance of something so great ive read all the books (and by the way they were amazing)
    i love bella and edward both courgous and strong for their love on eachother
    i hope the movie is wonderful as well!!!!!
    nd the actors look alright for this movie they better work it though!!!!!!!!

  6. I was somewhat upset over the fact they chose robert. I expected him to be more “beatiful.” Kristen seems all right as Bella. Even though i am somewhat disapointed about the cast i still cant wait for the movie to come out.

    Rest of cast:
    Kristen Stewart Isabella “Bella” Swan
    Robert Pattinson Edward Cullen
    Taylor Lautner Jacob Black
    Sarah Clarke Renee Dwyer
    Billy Burke Chief Charlie Swan
    Peter Facinelli Dr. Carlisle Cullen
    Elizabeth Reaser Esme Cullen
    Ashley Greene Alice Cullen
    Jackson Rathbone Jasper Hale
    Kellan Lutz Emmett Cullen
    Nikki Reed Rosalie Hale
    Cam Gigandet James
    Rachelle Lefevre Victoria
    Edi Gathegi Laurent
    Solomon Trimble Sam Uley
    Justin Chon Eric Yorkie
    Michael Welch Mike Newton
    Anna Kendrick Jessica Stanley
    Christian Serratos Angela Webber

    I was VERY disapointed in Laurent.

  7. Henry Cavill should be playing Edward. Deffinatly not Robert. ugh. they need to change that. the movie would be so much better if they would.

  8. I LOVE the Stephanie Meyer books. I’ve read them a million times since they came out. Once I heard that they were gonna make a movie I got so excited I started screaming. I kinda think they could have found a way more gorgeous guy to play Edward like in my head, but Robert is a good actor so hopefully he will play the role well enough and make me faint in the theature. As for Laurent I imagined someone else playing him. Every other cast member I don’t mind. Especially the one who plays Emmett, who is if I say so myself, drop dead gorgeous, if he was a real vampire, I’d go after him and tell him to change me. Well anyways, I lost my train of thought……I just hope the director doesn’t change the story like they always do. Cause that would be very disappointing. I might cry. Well thanks for listening or reading my rant.

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