Vacation! and Adrian Paul

No Thursday Thirteen this week.
As of Thursday at 4:30am, I’ll be on my way to California!
… For Creation’s Grand Slam SciFi Summit and a little fun in the sun.

I plan on bringing my laptop to upload photos from the convention each night, but who knows what the internet connection will be like. So, just to make sure the site doesn’t die during the 10 days that I’m gone… I’ll be setting articles on the different actors/actresses that will be at the con, to post on the days I can’t get online.

So, who am I most looking forward to seeing?
Adrian Paul, of course!

Most known for his portrayl of the immortal Duncan MacLeod from the tv show Highlander.

From Paul’s official website:

Originally born in London, England, Adrian balanced his academic interests in literature and history with a physical prowess that found an outlet in soccer and dancing. His work as a choreographer and model took him throughout Europe, but a growing interest in acting eventually brought him to the United States. His first role as a Russian dancer on the ABC drama The Colbys (1986-87) preceded a stint in the off-Broadway play Bouncers, in which Adrian played 13 roles, switching back and forth between characters.

His first film role soon followed in Last Rites (1988) opposite Tom Berenger and Daphne Zuniga. Adrian did a tour of duty as military man John Kincaid in the second season of the sci-fi series War of the Worlds (1989-90), as well as three episodes in the popular 1991 NBC revival of Dark Shadows. After a string of other TV guest appearances and roles in films such as Love Potion No. 9 (1992) with Sandra Bullock, producers of the Highlander films found the perfect actor to play the role of Duncan MacLeod on the small screen.

Adrian was able to explore new territory as an actor, and his
determination to get the best out of himself and everyone around him was proven when he took the director’s chair for the Season Four opener “Homeland,” the only episode of the series filmed partly on location in Scotland. Three of the four episodes Adrian directed were voted in the top ten fan favorites and were included in the Best of Highlander DVD collection.

Since the final episode of the series aired in 1998, Adrian has remained busy with television and film work. He starred alongside Christopher Lambert in Highlander: Endgame (2000) and returned to television as the star and producer of Tracker (2001). Television guest appearances included Charmed and Relic Hunter; while film projects in recent years included The Breed, The Void, Code Hunter, Nemesis Game, Moscow Heat, Throttle and Tides of War.

In 2006 Adrian starred in three films: Highlander: The Source, for which he also served as Executive Producer; the independent movie Sรƒฦ’ร‚ยฉance (winner of two festival awards), in which he portrayed a sadistic serial killer ghost; and Lost Colony, a sci-fi depiction of the true-life disappearance of the
first English colonists to land in North America, in which Adrian
played the colony’s leader, Ananias Dare. All of these films are due to be released in 2007.

Adrian is also a founding member of Los Angeles-based acting
group Actors Collaborative (formerly Actors in Process), and
in April 2005 produced and starred in their stage production
of Things Just Change.

In addition to his acting work, Adrian has long been active in children’s charities including his own, The PEACE Fund (Protect, Educate, and Aid Children Everywhere). The PEACE Fund has now partnered with other children’s charities around the globe.

13 thoughts on “Vacation! and Adrian Paul”

  1. Where have I been? You’re going to meet Adrian Paul. Cool. I’m a closet Highlander fan–“There can be only one!”

    Love the accent, love the show. Hope you’re having fun.

  2. OOOOOHHHHH!! Adrian Paul *is* Justice in my books, in my mind. I’m totally jealous!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!
    Hope you’re having a wonderful time!!

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