Vampirates: Blood Captain

Vampirates: Blood Captain

Vampirates: Blood Captain, by Justin Somper, is third in the Vampirates series.

Picking up where the previous novel left off, Connor has rejoined the Diablo crew and Grace went back to the Vampirate ship. When Connor meets Captain Wrathe’s nephew, it seems that Moonshine already knows Connor and holds a grudge against him for some reason. And Grace travels to a vampire Sanctuary to get help for Lorcan who has been scarred physically and emotionally. But when an old friend returns, who was thought dead, it will affect both of the twins and have an even bigger impact on the Vampirates and those at the Sanctuary.

Connor’s future seems bright on the Diablo. But when Captain Wrathe decides to plan a dangerous raid with his brother’s crew, Connor is put in a uncomfortable position. Meanwhile, at the Sanctuary, Grace has several adventures of her own while trying to assist with Lorcan’s healing. And Grace learns Lorcan has a secret that involves her past. Things come to a climactic end when a dangerous enemy returns, and people who were trusted are revealed to be traitors.

Connor’s character goes through even more trials in this story. And he’s forced to do a lot of soul searching. While Grace is faced with ten times the danger, since she’s surrounded by vampires, and strangers at that. She seems a bit more naïve than usual, and acts a bit stupidly at times. This is strange behavior for the “smart” twin. But of course, her actions lead to more suspense, like in any good horror movie. And with such a climactic ending, readers (like me) will be waiting impatiently for the next installment.

This is by far the best in the series. The amount of suspense and danger more than doubled. The evil characters seem more evil. And no one seems safe. Not even the Vampirate Captain.

This is a fantastic series for youth and adults alike. With loads of swashbuckling adventure, blood-thirsty vampires, and creepy suspense. If you haven’t been reading Vampirates, get on board!

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