Vamps and the City

Vamps and the City, by Kerrelyn Sparks, is the sequel to How To Marry a Millionaire Vampire. Both are wonderfully funny with an original take on vampire lore.

Vamps and the City begins with CIA agent, Austin Erickson on a cleverly-punned “Stake-Out” of the DVN (Digital Vampire Network) Studio. His job is to locate and destroy vampires. Easy enough, until he meets Darcy Newhart. He’s not sure if she’s a vampire or just a victim, working for them. But when he finds himself falling for her, he may have to choose between his job and the girl.

Darcy is fairly new to the life of a vampire. And doesn’t really like it. She prefers chocolate-flavored synthetic blood, and is trying to get a job at DVN despite, blatant the male chauvinism that still plagues the vampire community.

With witty dialog and unique characters, this is a very fun new romance-filled vampire series. I would describe it as a less-sarcastic version of MJ Davidson’s Undead series. This is more drama and comedy than an action-packed adventure.


And this is my first entry for Carl’s Once Upon a Time Challenge!

9 thoughts on “Vamps and the City”

  1. Oooh funny vamp stories are usually great. I’m going to have to check this out. I’ll look for the first one today when I head to the bookstore.

    My husband is shaking in fear of how much I’m going to buy. MUHAHAHA

  2. Funny vamp stories, my type of book. I was peeing my pants reading the Just One Sip Anthology. Katie MacAlister’s BRING OUT YOUR DEAD with reformed zombies (vegans) is hilarious.

    Just one more for the TBR pile.

  3. This one sounds like something that I will definitely buy… first off… you had me at CIA agent. 😉 Throw in some vampires and I’m confused and intrigued! I haven’t been to Chapters in over two months! Yeah… time for me to go and pick up a stack of what I’ve missed!

    Are you a advertising agent or something? Because how many books have you hooked us on Angela? I always used to joke that I keep Chapters in business (yeah, yeah, I know… we all do!) But in all honesty I think you should get a t-shirt!

  4. I definitely think you gals would like this one.

    Vicky – LOL.. sometimes I feel like I am an agent.. or a book pimp.
    I do think I keep my local Borders stores in business.. and there are 3 of them between my house and work. It’s too much temptation.

  5. Angela–the book pimp?!?! LOL. So, who’s are the book whores in this scenario? But it’s kinda true, you’ve showcased some really good books on here, many are still on my books2read list.

    Keep up the good job!

  6. You’re the first member of the OUT challange I’ve met whose doing a horror category,fun! I do remeber Vampires being in the folk section of my local book store. Oh I just had a hilarious image of folk singing vampires!**CV

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