Virtuality Tonight!


Don’t forget to watch Virtuality on Fox tonight at 8/7 central!

Originally meant as a TV show pilot, there are still hopes that Virtuality gets picked up beyond this 2-hour movie event. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to see it continue as well! Besides the drama of living a reality show and dealing with personal conflicts, there is a little humor, loads of suspense, and fun technology. The characters are diverse. And the premise is promising. Set in the not-too-distant future, even non-scifi fans should enjoy.

Follow the Phaeton on its five year journey to another system looking for another planet capable of sustaining life, and maybe even intelligent life. The crew of the Phaeton also doubles as reality show for those back on Earth. To help cope with the monotony of the length of time aboard a ship with so few people, the crew is able to “escape” through virtual reality programs. But something seems to be going horribly wrong with the programming.

3 thoughts on “Virtuality Tonight!”

  1. I honestly was wondering if this was worth watching when I saw the previews the other day. I appreciate your opinion, and now I think I will watch. The least I can do is give it a chance. 😉

  2. I did like it. I even sent a tweet to FoxBroadcasting asking them to pick it up. I need to know what happens! I’m still in shock that a main character died in the movie premiere / 2-hour event / whatever they’re calling this.

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