Warehouse 13 Set Tour!

Warehouse13 Set Tour

Last October I was able to go on the Syfy Digital Press Tour. The highlight of the event, for me, was getting to go on the set of Warehouse 13 and meet the cast.

Here are some pics from around the Warehouse!
I had to create slideshows when Flickr messed with the photo settings. Each of the cards below the artifacts has something unique to say about each item. Some of them are quite clever. Sorry that the quality isn’t better. Half of them (the better ones) were taken with my iPhone.

And here I am in and around the office.

And lastly, here are some shots of the boarding house.

9 thoughts on “Warehouse 13 Set Tour!”

  1. Just wondering, can you expand on the actual warehouse part of the set? How many isles do they have built? Does it seem like they have a mechanism for changing the isles / stock for different episodes? (super curious.) Thanks for posting this!

  2. Ella – There were about five or so aisles in the actual warehouse that all house various artifacts. It looked and felt remarkably real! They even had purple gloves for us! 🙂

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