Wednesday News and Thoughts

Superman News:
Looks like Kevin Spacey will be in the next Superman sequel. Superman: Man of Steel is supposedly set for a 2009 release. Two years away yet. It’s just torture to even read news items like this.

Kyle XY:
In Monday night’s episode, Kyle has embraced his gifts and finally sets about using them to help people. Namely his love interest, Amanda. This is his first real “case.” And he not only helps out the victim by sacrificing something valuable to him, but he actually helps out a thief as well. Kyle is truly every bit the boy scout that Clark Kent is. I just hope they don’t go the same route with the relationship with Amanda as they do with Lana in Smallville. The “will they, won’t they” thing gets old really fast. Especially, when in Smallville, you know they don’t end up together.

Eureka Changes in Season 2:
With the season finale involving time travel and saving the future. People are going to change and relationships will be affected.
The premier of season 2 began last night. While I’m looking forward to this new season. Eureka‘s first season was not much more than mediocre. Some fun aspects, but not much there. Making me really upset that the SciFi Channel is dragging their feet in renewing one of the best shows they’ve ever started, The Dresden Files. If a show as bland as Eureka got renewed, they have to renew Dresden Files. But then, we’re talking about a network that airs wrestling on a channel labeled “science fiction.” And cancelled their most successful and longest-running show ever, Stargate:SG-1. Common sense isn’t their strenghth.

And lastly, Burn Notice:
Has anyone else been watching this new spy show on USA? So far, it’s highly entertaining with plenty of laughs and suspense. And Bruce Campbell costars… what could be better?

Burn Notice.

13 thoughts on “Wednesday News and Thoughts”

  1. Wow, I hadn’t heard about Burn Notice. I love Bruce Campbell!

    I’ve been watching BBCs Torchwood the last few nights. It’s a spin off of the new Doctor Who, but it’s far different. Swearing, blood, and violence that Doctor Who never has. That said, the characters are engaging, and the stories are very engaging. I’m hoping for a second season of it.

  2. I agree with everything your said about the SFI Channel. So disappointed in them lately except for all the great re-runs of the various Star Treks.

  3. Eureka is every bit as cheesy as the good Doctor, but more in the scripting department, and less in the rubber-suited aliens department.

    The little lady and I are going to start season one of Torchwood after we finish the last three episodes of Deadwood season one. I’m a little worried, but hopeful.

  4. I am so out of the loop. I haven’t really watched any new tv in a year. I just was catching up on Gene Simmon’s family jewels. That’s a great show.

  5. Hey I just discovered this blog. I’m big on sci fi, and I will definitely be adding you to my blogroll. Rock on!

  6. Without expecting to, I truly enjoyed “Burn Notice,” and highly recommend it, even for those who aren’t Bruce Campbell fans!

    And I’m so glad a website has acknowledged the yawn-worthy incredulity of the Clark/Lana pairing on “Smallville!” It was due to Lana’s always-in-perilness and the on-again/off-again nature of that relationship that I finally stopped watching the series; one I used to enjoy tremendously. After the 3rd season, the Lana/Clark lovefest had run its course, and instead of allowing them to get on with their lives and become good friends, the writing staff continued to force this unfortunate relationship. Unfortunate in that we all know Clark ends up with Lois (an unfortunate casting choice, IMO, but belief-suspending enough). A friend told me that there were several possible deaths in last season’s finale. I hope to offend only a few by voicing my sincere wish Lana was one of them.

  7. I’m loving Burn Notice. Not only Bruce Campbell but Sharon Gless.

    Eureka did really well in the ratings. The Dresden Files didn’t. SG1 was doing reasonably well but the Monday night repeats were dropping off. Of course, there’s my theory that they just cancel all the shows that I like, the evil critters.

  8. i love kyle xy this week. i love him coming into his own and setting out to use his gifts to help people. the second season has been great so far.

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